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The Union of social democrats

On October, 20th, 2007 constituent Сongress of the all-Russian public movement «The Union of social democrats» took place in Moscow. The former president of the USSR Michael Gorbachev practically unanimously (at two refrained) was selected as a chairman of this movement.  

Movement puts the main task introduction in Russia the European social democratic culture and values and uniting all public organizations working in the way of social democracy. Reality shows that opportunities of a free democratic choice and political competition are limited by power of bureaucracy , the space of public policy is narrowed, pressure upon a civil society increases in every sphere. Therefore social democrats are united to defend values of freedom and justice. 

Created movement is the union of the adherents connected with each other not by the political claims on authority, but their beliefs. We struggle for authority, but for authority above minds.

Initiators of creation of «The Union of social democrats» became politicians, public figures, scientifists, writers, businessmen, among which first President of the USSR Michael Gorbachev, the president of the International university Gabriel Popov, director of Institute of the Europe Nikolay Shmelev, director of the Union of development sciencetowns Russia Michael Kuznetsov, the journalist and writer Henry Borovik, playwright Michael Shatrov, politician Vyacheslav Igrunov, the president of Expert Fund of social researches Paul Kudjukin, the head of the Russian social democratic union of youth Evgeniy Konovalov.

Representatives took part in work of Congress from more than 60 regions of Russia - leaders of public associations, deputies of municipal formations, members of various political parties which consider, that the social democratic direction in a political life most corresponds to interests of the majority of the Russian citizens. Congress accepted the Charter of movement, elected Directing Board and Council and planed the working plan.
The Directing Board now includes 4 members (Evgeniy Konovalov, Dmitriy Mikhailov, Olesya Proshenko, Alexey Karpov) of Russian social democratic union of youth (RSDUY). Also 11 members of RSDUY were elected to Gouncil of the Union. 

RSDUY plan to play a major role in movement as a youth, fighting for social democracy since 2000. Gorbachev said organization will not be productive without young voice. As a young social democratic movement we take the responsibility and opportunity and ready for active work.

You can see some pictures from the Congress here http://sdsm.hkey.ru/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=37
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